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When I first got online, I was really frustrated by the small amount of navelgazing going on for/about Russian Jews and other ex-Soviets.  Here’s a list of links. It’s constantly growing and evolving, so if you see someone that should be on here, please email me!

Here’s the badge.  To add to your blog, paste the following code into your HTML wherever you desire it, or save the image and upload it to where you’d like it to show.

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Ex-Russia (Ukraine Counts, too!)

Marinka at Motherhood in NYC
Yuliya at SheSuggests
Stephanie at Like the Vodka
Lea Zeltserman
Kansas City with the Russian Accent
Soviet Jewry Tumblr
The Transparent Russian Blog
Jennifer at Dividing My Time
Julia Ioffe
Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox
Alina at Duty-Free Foodie
Alena and Daniel at Rubinary
Julie Minevich
Anna Tarkov
LanguageHat (about Russian the language)
Miriam Elder
Leah at Ingathered

Ex-Soviet Bloc
Smells Like Borscht (Belarus)
Scary Azeri
(Azeri, duh)
Rima at RimaRama (Lithuanian)
Petya at How to Marry a Bulgarian (Bulgarian)
Pauline at Classy Chaos (Polish)
Polish Mama on the Prairie (Polish)
Julija Šukys (Lithuania)

My Own Blog Posts:



10 thoughts on “Russian Blogroll

  1. Thank you for this! not only the mention, but compiling the list. my in-laws say i was a russian in a previous life, so reading these blogs is very nostalgic.

  2. Thank you so much for adding me! It was awesome meeting you on Twitter and all of us talking about our similar backgrounds! Will be hitting up all these other blogs over the next couple of days as well. Finally! Other Mama Bloggers out there, like me :)

  3. Hey Vicki, thanks for adding me to the blog list, and great to find some others too. How does one add the blog bloc button?

    BTW, there’s something wrong with the links – the whole middle section of the list are all pointing to the same site.

    Cheers, Lea

    1. Thanks for pointing it out…Wordpress pages were reverting to previous versions and it should be fixed now. I’ve also added basic instructions on how to add it.

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