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Conversations at Facebook

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Summer 2011. 4:40 PM. ¬†Sheryl Sandberg’s open office at Facebook, just inches away from Mark Zuckerberg. Zuck is sitting on a blue yoga ball, staring into his MacBook Air with a furrowed brow.

Sheryl’s translucent glass door is closed, and there are several men in suits and women, around her desk.¬† They also all sit on blue yoga balls. Sheryl sits in an Aeron chair. Her nails are perfectly manicured and she wears patent leather heels.


A case study in real beauty


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Dove’s latest Real Beauty campaign has been making its way around the media and my Facebook page. In it, a police sketch artist draws women as they describe themselves, and then as other people describe them. The latter sketch is better-looking than the former, a heartwarming affirmation that we always see ourselves worse than other people see us.

I hate this campaign.