Wonder woman

I don’t know if I’ll see Wonder Woman, but I was interested in Gal Gadot, and read up a bit about her.

She just had her second daughter at the end of March. March! Which means, just as she was gearing up for a full-on press tour for the movie, she was recovering from childbirth, which, even if you’re very in-shape and “on”, is immensely hard on the body and mind.

On her Instagram feed, there are daily pictures of her at press parties, photo shoots, in New York. A recent picture shows her lying down in a plane, captioned “I guess throwing my back out wasn’t such a bad idea after all😜 This is how I always want to travel!!”

While the entire universe is discussing how this movie is such a positive for women, no one is talking about the people (most likely women) behind the scenes caring for Gadot’s daughter, or, just as important, the immense pressure on Gadot to travel and promote this film, even though she should ideally be spending time with her three-month-old, or simply recovering. I like to call this Emerald City Feminism - pay no attention to the men behind the (movie)(camera)(Instagram) screen, calling the financial shots.