What we’re sharing during conferences

  1. brainThat we’re on our way to a conference
  2. Pictures of the wings of our plane
  3. FourSquare Checkin at conference hotel registration
  4. Picture of free Fortune 500 company ballpoint pen
  5. Filtered Instagram of back of industry leader’s head from 500 feet away
  6. Facebook status update snark-summarizing talk we should be listening to
  7. Tweeting glee at being away from work for upwards of 16 hours
  8. Mortified tweet about how many emails you get when you’ve been away from work for upwards of 16 hours
  9. Frantic Facebook update from bathroom that we don’t know anyone here, can’t possibly make small talk, and are terrible at being humans.
  10. Slideshares of beautiful slide decks that are 90% irrelevant without having been at the talk.


On my way to Strata today!