Listicle of small things that make me extremely happy

Valentin Bogdanov - Man in Landscape 1957


  • Getting a thank-you note in the mail
  • New running shoes that are so comfortable
  • The hand massage in the middle of a manicure
  • Having someone favorite a funny tweet I wrote
  • Being done with one of my four classes this semester
  • Cracking open a new book and knowing right away that it’s going to be amazing
  • Hearing “great job” at work
  • Skyping with my mom on her new iPad
  • Getting inspiration for a new chapter for my book
  • Running three miles
  • The feel of autumn
  • Late brunch with friends
  • Watching Mr. B eat a meal I cooked for him
  • Clean sheets
  • Fruit salad
  • SeaSnax
  • Fresh highlighters
  • Finding the right painting that goes with the tone of a blog post



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