How to get new ideas


  1. Stop reading Facebook so often. It will make you miserable. And overly concerned with what other people are doing.  And tracked.
  2. Stop watching the same TV sitcoms everyone else is watching. Watch really good foreign films.  Watch movies from the dollar bin at WalMart. Watch free documentaries. Watch movies as they are meant to be watched; in their original language.
  3. Don’t read airport books. Go to tiny bookstores and buy zines. Buy old National Geographics. Buy 70s textbooks. Buy stuff no one has rated on Amazon. Read random non-fiction books about birds from the library.
  4. Study weird things that have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of your life.
  5. Stop listening to pop radio. Listen to fado. Unless you are Portuguese. Then listen to this song about how some dude is really proud to be Bosnian.
  6. Go to strange places that are not meant to be for tourist consumption.
  7. Don’t retweet and reblog things that have already gone viral and ride the wave of popularity. Look for something tiny and beautiful that you alone are interested in. Share that link with one other person who understands how weird and creepy you are.
  8. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.
  9. Be weird and creepy like a platypus.
  10. Don’t listen to other people who think they know you and make lists telling you what to do.