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So I have to work on my novel THIS MONTH or I’ll never finish it, like, ever because I’m taking 7 credits-7 CREDITS-next semester and also still doing the whole job thing.  I work on my novel every morning before work, like I get up at 5:45, 5:55 if I’m lazy then do the whole shower thing and then go downstairs to eat breakfast and by the time I’ve eaten it’s already 6:30 and I only have an hour to do my thing, but half of that hour is spent thinking about how I should be writing blog posts and the other half is spent thinking about how I should be learning Python and the third half is about something witty I should post on Twitter so by the time I get around to putting words down on a page, it’s already 7:15 and my train is at 7:40 and you cannot CANNOT start writing and get into the groove for 16 minutes until you have to leave and so my novel is a MESS.  And when I get home I’m busy trying to accomplish all of my other summer goals.

So I’m not blogging in July. I think. I hope it’s ok with you. Because I’m feeling pretty nervous about it.

But, I’m pretty nervous about everything.

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  1. Do what you need to do. Good luck with the novel, we’ll be here when you’re ready to blog again!


  2. Vicky, liked the first book ; can’t wait to read your next one !! And I see that you could not resist blogging :) . BTW, you are my favorite person today for liking Kahani and Fado ))))


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