Here’s a bunch of stuff I wrote about Russia and World War 2


Air strike over Moscow.

On the blog: Previous thoughts on Victory Day. Women in the armed forces. WWII Movie, Gift to Stalin.  World War II movies in Russia. Mr. B and I are ready for the siege of Leningrad.


Other links:

I don’t have to round up Instagram now! They do it for me. Very touching cartoon about WWII halfway down the page. Russian optional.Some people just can’t press the learn button on Stalin. Soviet Jewish veterans are left behind. PiiicturesThis picture.  Even more pictures (by Jews.) Even more pictures on Pinterest. If you are Pinning WWII Eastern Front on Pinterest, we may have to talk.




2 thoughts on “Here’s a bunch of stuff I wrote about Russia and World War 2

  1. We have a book that my grandfather and other members of his regiment wrote. There are pictures and stories from their time serving in one of the volunteer regiments. I keep meaning to translate it … I really need to get to it. My grandfather would always take us to visit his fellow soldiers on May 9. He died in 1996. I usually deliver care packages to veterans in Chicago around New Year’s in his memory.

    1. That sounds so great. I also have a book that my grandfather wrote about his family that needs to be digitized and also translated. When I think about what the people of their generation went through compared to me, I feel tiny and stupid.

      Where did your grandfather serve?

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