Gif posts only from now on

When I have homework due every week for two classes

on the same day that I also have to work late

it’s kind of hard to get the novel going because

Not to mention the millions of other little tasks that come up.


So then I try to write a short blog post instead.

The current topics swirling in my head are: WTF is going on with Russian Jews? Women in tech. Philadelphia. Places where I’m reading. Etc. But every time I try to write, I don’t have enough time.

What I really mean is that I’m reading Buzzfeed.

And I’m like, “Look at all these posts written entirely in GIFs! With hundreds of comments.”

Then I look at all the long, thoughtful posts I’ve written with 0 comments and I’m all like,

So I’ve decided from now on all my posts will be gif-oriented.  To attract the people that read Buzzfeed.

Oh wait, though, I read Buzzfeed.

Rock on, dudes.