What we think about in the modern age





  1.  Crafting Facebook statuses that are poignant and funny
  2.  Work. Maybe getting one of those standing desks at work because sitting is slowly killing us and the NYT says so.
  3. Our spouse and why they are not Gerard Pique
  4. Taxes. Collecting tax receipts. Making tax-deductible contributions. W2s. Educational credits.
  5. Our MBAs and how much money we are paying to sit in class THIS MINUTE and think about crafting Facebook statuses
  6. Whether we should go to that restaurant even though it only has 3.5 stars on Yelp, but it has 140 reviews, so the stats add up
  7. That guy that made the thing on Google that shows you ads based on your email content must be sitting on a shitload of cash right THIS MINUTE
  8. Crafting the perfect retweetable tweet.
  9. Existential panic and hypochondria.
  10. The really important things.
  11. Not drinking organic milk. Is it slowly killing us ?