I’ll teach you how to flow the Friday Links

“We take the history/script it in song/light the torch/then you pass it on.” -my favorite lyric:

  1. Hitler’s toilet is in New Jersey
  2. Lines from Shakespeare mistaken for hip hop lyrics
  3. “Growing up around guns and owning them as an adult affords a person memories and experiences that strangers to guns may have trouble understanding.”
  4. Don’t write what you know
  5. A glorious list on Wikipedia of country name etymologies
  6. “I always love hearing the weird incorrect facts from childhood that other people have kept in their heads without reconsidering until the moment it hits them.” 346 comments on stuff people didn’t know. 
  7. Brodsky: Dispatches from Russia
  8. Longread about what it means to learn a language. Great, great old piece.
  9. I cannot believe more people are not reading this amazing interview with Natalie Dee, the hardest-working woman on the web.
  10. Is Scotch tape Scottish?
  11. There are people why fly to Kyrgyzstan with infants. Props. That’s all.