Gender-neutral language is stupid

squaresvFrom this awesome site. 

There are some things I hate with a passion. February comes to mind.  Another is gender-neutral language.

Sometime maybe 30 years ago, someone decided that the pronouns we’ve been using for centuries to express ourselves in English are Not Good Enough, and that womyn need equality in writing, too, and as a result, we get sentences like,

It’s better to ask your doctor; she’ll tell you that you have encephalytis.


When approaching your boss, better catch her on a good day so she’ll give you a massive raise and a bottle of fine Dom Perignon.


Every one should know his or her telephone number in case the aliens come and have 4G and LTE.

This has been going on more and more ever since I was in middle school, and I still can’t get used to it. That’s over 15 years of reading this crap, and every time I see it somewhere, it throws me out of my natural rhythm of reading and into a bout of rage.

As a womyn with interest in womyn’s issues, I am not at all interested in the “gendering of language.” Because I have a brain and have English reading context,  I assume that when you say “he,” you mean everyone. When you say mankind, you don’t just mean the half that has man parts.

Otherwise, if you fill in stupid he/she crap, I’m going to assume that you assume that I’m stupid, have a weak small brain, and can’t extrapolate from your sentence what you mean. Because I’m a woman.

Writers, bloggers, blaughers, tweeters, copy editors, journalists, tumblrs. Please. Revert to the normal use of the language.

And let’s move on to the actual important topics that matter to women.