I hate writing my novel


Painting of Russian writer Evgeny Chirikov by Ivan Kulikov, 1904.

Last time I wrote a book, I was able to blog as I wrote. This time, I’m finding it very hard to divide my attention between blogging, Facebook, Forever 21 clearence e-mails, and actually working on something important. Oh right, and work and school and occasionally feeding Mr. B.

I want to finish the first draft of my novel. So bad.

So I’m leaving this thing here that counts how many words I’ve written out of total to let you know how long until I write my next blog post. You can still find me on Twitter in the meantime, or check out the blog archives at the bottom of the page.

Thank you so much for your continued patience on account of my insanity.

82 / 90

Friday Links is a bucket of sloths!

BUCKET OF SLOTHS from Lucy Cooke on Vimeo.



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Writing with others



I usually work on my novel in this position: sitting on the train on the way to work or from work, notebook on my lap.

Despite the fact that I’m surrounded by people, it’s a really lonely way to work, as writing usually is.  The ideas come hard and the words come harder. In half an hour, I can do around 600 words, which is nothing in the scope of 90,000.



How do you people drink coffee?



There is a new coffee place that opened up a couple weeks ago downstairs in the building where I work.  My coworkers and I sometimes go out for coffee after lunch to beat the post-lunch slump, the fact that we live in Philadelphia in the winter, and just all that millennial angst in general.  I’m not a very frequent coffee drinker. I don’t like black coffee.  I drink about one cappuccino a week, so when I do drink it, it hits me hard. The world becomes an increasingly fast place for up to four hours.