Did you know there are millennials who are normal people?


Did you know that there are millennials who:

don’t date people on OKCupiddon’t have trouble finding jobs? are not social media managers?don’t wear skinny jeans? don’t still live at home? are not  typing out their IM conversations? are not on antidepressants? are not photographers? are still buying cars? whose parents were not helicopter parents? are not getting or sending sexts? don’t have college debt? are not completely incapable of real life? are not in “emerging adulthood?” don’t have shows? don’t have fashion blogs? are not lonely? are not writers in New York City? do not have a startup in San Francisco? are not on Pinterest?

 Did you know that there are millennials who:

are responsible adults and handle their responsibilities without complaining?

Did you know there are millennials who:

 are normal people ?

Did you know millennials are not all the same?







9 thoughts on “Did you know there are millennials who are normal people?

  1. If I may, as a mental health educator, taking anti-depressants doesn’t make one “not normal”. Suicide rates in this country are woah high (they are the second leading cause of death among 18-24 year olds) and it’s because too few people are getting treated for their depression/anxiety/other mental health concerns.

    Otherwise, I like the list and also don’t know a single person who doesn’t fit at least one criteria on it :D

    1. What I meant was all these stories about kids buying and trading Adderall/other drugs for money, taking them just to concentrate on school, drug cocktails, etc, basically glamorizing medication. We are way overmedicated as a society. (says the hypochondriac.)

  2. I don’t see the problem with half of those given that they may be legitimate professions or harmless hobbies, but the NYT sure has a way of making it sound like we are all like that, right? See also: whiny, ungrateful, unprofessional, lazy.

    The only one I qualify for is that I came back to living at home recently but only because I’m saving up to buy a house in the next year (thank god for in-demand science fields, is what I’m saying, because I know plenty of people who have given up on affording a house any time soon due to lack of jobs or low salaries).

    1. Exactly, exactly. Take living at home. You are doing it to save money for a house. But they never write about it in that context. It’s always, “These people are lazy and can’t find work and are eating Cheetos in the basement. Oh, woe is civilization!”

      Because your story of financial responsibility and sanity is not interesting, since the whole economy is COLLAPSING and we are all DOOMED.

  3. What is it with young twentysomethings being convinced they have useful life lessons to share with the world? When I read the Thought Catalog bit where the writer taps into her deep well of experience to provide trenchant insights about how sometimes she feels sad and lonely, I thought to myself, “this person is 22 years old.” I was close. She’s 23: http://faganchelsea.tumblr.com/

  4. Haha this made me laugh. I totally date guys from OKCupid but I’ve never been sent a text message that was like, “So I’m with some of my frat boy friends at this divey bar, want in?” or anything like that. Gotta keep standards, you know. And I only wish I was a photographer. Yup, just living vicariously through the AP photojournalists on Instagram. Gawd, I’m such a stereotype. :)

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