Bubele please.

Bubele Please is an instruction manual for a discerning audience who doesn’t mind gratuitous bad language.


Russia wants you to know that it has startups, too! Skolkovo is Russia’s Silicon Valley, except it’s in Moscow, comfortably under the eye of V.V. Putin. Notice how the first startup is aimed at learning English?

The roundup of people who think they can get away with encapsulating 2012 in a single article continues, this time with the Economist’s top books of 2012.  You won’t see Shades of Gray here, but you will see The Leviathan, which is a really great beach read.

Two really interesting things about Sweden, from the same author. The first about how Swedish people hate Norwegians, and the second about how they hate everyone else.

I guess Tumblr is also doing longform journalism now? Here is how Sesame Street did an episode on divorce.

Not sure what I like about this comic…probably its ironic modernism.

Every month, Corporette, one of my favorite sites for professional women, does a roundup of stuff from the archives. This month, how to get up early.

There’s a reason we’re all fat in Philly, and it’s this video. 

Eugene Mirman, is, understandably, a Russian Jew in comedy. Here’s about his methods. 

Emerging authors Leo Tolstoy and Jane Austen. I weep for America.

Underwear for those times when you just want to curl up and die, ladies. (mildly nsfw)