Why do Eastern European women love leather and fur?

While Mr. B and I were in New Orleans, it was cold. Super-cold. Cold enough that we hadn’t planned for it. Isn’t the South always supposed to be perma-warm like that spot on the floor that always gets the sun?

Long story short, we had to buy clothes on vacation.

First things first. Oh, the irony:

Then, for five seconds, this was an option:

Until I realized I had become every woman I see at the Russian store. And I became terrified.

Why do Russian women love fur? What is it that brings out the fur coats, the fur collars, the leather?  And why do American women hate them?

I’m guessing it has something to do with this:

Although I’m too lazy to research. So I’m crowd-sourcing.

 Also, I did find this:




8 thoughts on “Why do Eastern European women love leather and fur?

  1. Why do Russian women love fur and leather? Because if you are wearing a fur jacket, you are totally warm on the top part, and can wear a super short skirt. Maybe even open-toed shoes. In February. Pretty sure my theory is correct.

    1. I’m in love with a Russian girl, and I couldn’t help noticing they love to dress up. That will make most westerners look like hobos. No kidding.

      They sure have class and love leather apparel. I also find that really, classy, elegant, and sexy; I do have a problem with fur, though.

      I know that may sound hypocrisy on my part, but animal fur is something I’m not comfortable with, nor will I want a partner who wears fur. I’m an animal lover, and I’m aware of how cruel the fur industry can be. I’m really glad the girl doesn’t like fur either.

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