Post-Rockets, Post-Thanksgiving

Aaron Burr: Baller.

Aaron Burr, Part 2 from Dana O’Keefe on Vimeo.


  1. “Following Home Front Command instructions, Shira lies down on the side of the road.
  2. “It’s prime rocket-time in Tel Aviv and I have to pee.”
  3. Goodnight, siren.
  4. Selective outrage.
  5. The family logisticsthe news never talks about
  6. On-air @ BBC during airstrikes in Gaza


  1. “Why I wrote the Yellow Wallpaper
  2. Romney spotted in the wild
  3. Boo on this person who doesn’t want freedom for Scotland
  4. British people in America
  5. Herman Melville hipstering around in Jerusalem
  6. Made this recipe to rave reviews yesterday
  7. The year 476: An illustrated panorama
  8. Emily Dickinson’s creepy cocoanut cake recipe
  9. Boris Strugatsky :(
  10. Personality cult in Turkmenistan
  11. How to clean your house, you hoarder
  12. I hate America.