Post-Rockets, Post-Thanksgiving

Aaron Burr: Baller.

Aaron Burr, Part 2 from Dana O’Keefe on Vimeo.


  1. “Following Home Front Command instructions, Shira lies down on the side of the road.
  2. “It’s prime rocket-time in Tel Aviv and I have to pee.”
  3. Goodnight, siren.
  4. Selective outrage.
  5. The family logisticsthe news never talks about
  6. On-air @ BBC during airstrikes in Gaza


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  2. Romney spotted in the wild
  3. Boo on this person who doesn’t want freedom for Scotland
  4. British people in America
  5. Herman Melville hipstering around in Jerusalem
  6. Made this recipe to rave reviews yesterday
  7. The year 476: An illustrated panorama
  8. Emily Dickinson’s creepy cocoanut cake recipe
  9. Boris Strugatsky :(
  10. Personality cult in Turkmenistan
  11. How to clean your house, you hoarder
  12. I hate America.

The tragedy of the human brain


On Sunday morning, I turned on Galei Tzahal, as I’ve been doing every morning for the past week, and lay in bed, listening to the news in Hebrew with my eyes closed and a hand over my face.  The news lately has been followed by the kind of music you usually hear in Israel during emergency situations. Every couple of minutes, the song faded out and a woman’s voice announced calmly, “Tzeva adom, b’Tel Aviv, b’Yad Mordechai, b’ Ashdod,” meaning the red alert that gives you however many seconds to get to a bomb shelter was active, meaning that Hamas was firing rockets into Israel as I was listening to the radio.



Friday Links are like your little piece of NPR in an MTV world

This is what socialized healthcare does to people. The Scandinavians are SO HEALTHY that they are bored living in the paradise that is Scandinavia and decide to cause themselves bodily harm in Siberia. Tally ho, boys!


SIBERIA TEACHES – trailer from Coldfocus Productions on Vimeo.


  1. The hater’s guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog (catalogue?)
  2. Channel B
  3. Israel, hip-hop nation (podcast) (by the way, Liel is 100% wrong. Subliminal 4eva)
  4. Living with a computer“, from 1982
  5. Mike Sui, a guy from Wisconsin who’s China’s biggest viral star
  6. Shortening the workday in Cairo
  7. God reading this makes me feel so guilty that I’m not done
  8. Girl reading
  9. Plus-size fashion bloggers
  10. “My buddy used to work in construction, but is now following his passion making cakes.

Why do Eastern European women love leather and fur?

While Mr. B and I were in New Orleans, it was cold. Super-cold. Cold enough that we hadn’t planned for it. Isn’t the South always supposed to be perma-warm like that spot on the floor that always gets the sun?

Long story short, we had to buy clothes on vacation.

First things first. Oh, the irony:

Then, for five seconds, this was an option:

Until I realized I had become every woman I see at the Russian store. And I became terrified.

Why do Russian women love fur? What is it that brings out the fur coats, the fur collars, the leather?  And why do American women hate them?

I’m guessing it has something to do with this:

Although I’m too lazy to research. So I’m crowd-sourcing.

 Also, I did find this: