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Friday Links Halloweeny

Happy Halloween:

Le Taxidermiste from Le Taxidermiste Team on Vimeo.



  1. Really cool talks not just about start-ups, but how to deal with life. Jessica’s is most-recommended.
  2. The making of this movie; super-interesting look into the creative process in film
  3. Jewish math dude
  4. Mecca (hat tip, Marginal Revolution)
  5. Interview with writer of Gone Girl
  6. Introverts!
  7. The worst band t-shirts ever. KELLY CLARKSON. 
  8. “Maxim T. Yermakov, the happy owner of a three-year-old Toyota and brand manager for several appalling varieties of milk chocolate, drove up to his chocolate office with his customary feeling of having no head on his shoulders.”



Mr. B and I plant a tree

Van Gogh, Peasant Man and Woman Planting Potatoes

 Mr. B and I have been wanting to plant a tree for a LONG time. Well, it’s more accurate to say that I’ve wanted to plant a tree.   Mr. B has not been pushing as hard since he realized he would be doing a majority of the planting.




A cover of a song has never made me cry. Until this one:

Original song, Molitva, The Prayer, by Bulat Okudzhava, peoples’ poet.

Everyone loves Okudzhava, but I hate his irritating singing voice, which he probably would have agreed with, as he refused to acknowledge his singing and playing in favor of his beautiful poetry.

Regina Spektor transforms this song into something raw and desperate.

Translated beautifully into rhyming English by Alec Vagapov with a few tweaks by me:

While the earth still turns, and while the light is bright,
Oh Lord, please give everyone what he or she hasn’t got.
Give the timid a horse to ride, give the wise a bright head,
Give the fortunate  enough money and about me please don’t forget.

While the world is still turning, Lord, You are omnipotent,
Let those striving for power wield it to their heart’s content.
Give a break to the generous, at least for a day or two,
Pray, give Cain repentance, and remember me, too.

I know You are almighty, I believe You are wise
Like a soldier killed in a battle believes he’s in paradise.
Like every eared creature believes, oh, my Lord, in You,
Like we believe desperately, doing something, not knowing what we do.

Oh Lord, oh my sweet Lord, My emerald-eyed One, You’re Good.
While the world is still turning, wondering, why it should,
While it has got sufficient fire and time, as You see,
Give each man a little bit and don’t forget about me.