I’m in a book!

Not my own, yet, but still, just in time for Rosh Hashana, I’m legit published.  Along with Kate, Farrah, and a bunch of other talented people from all over the country, writing about what it means to be Jewish to them, from all sorts of angles.   All credit for the hard work of collecting our scribbles and actually pushing this thing through goes to Stefanie :).


[The book] is a collection of personal essays and memoirs from Jewish 20- and 30-somethings from across the country. Each contributor brings a unique perspective as they tell their self-defining Jewish story.”

At once confrontational, comforting, and hilarious this is the definitive ‘Who am I? and why am I?’ book for Jews of our generation. I can only hope to one day contribute to a collection this rigorous, this touching, and this important for the question of our identity as Jews.__” –Mayim Bialik

“I’m not a Jew…I’m just Jew-ish.” – Vicki Boykis

Can you guess what my self-defining Jewish story is about?  If you guessed medical anxieties or God’s wrath, you’re a great guesser, but that’s not it.

 Other, less stupid stories include: “Converted to Reform” by Rabbi Julie Pelc Adler, “The Rumors of Her Death” by Libby Ellis Lowe, and “A New Kind of Jewish Geography” by Perry Teicher, about the Jews of the CIS republics.

Website is here. Book is available for purchase here.