Hipstagram again

If you’re fasting today, have a meaningful fast.

In honor of the high holidays, and, let’s face it, because I’ve finally picked up the pace on both school and my novel, here’s a filler post with some of my favorite recent Instagrams. (Don’t look if you’re fasting).

 Rain in Moscow by @producer_grom

 “Behind the scenes of the Fido Fashion Show at the Southern Women’s Show. Oh yes. This is happening.” by @harrisuz (North Carolina)

Shabbat by @irincarmon  (New York)

“Fall” by @kirillschitov (Russia)

“Good morning” by @scotspix (Scotland)

“Only in Israel do the buses wish you get written in the book of life!” by @jewlicious

Somewhere between Spain and Africa by @salasjonathan

Angola by @careeen

Japanese lanterns, Kyoto by @caribb

“View from the 7th floor.” Ulaan Bator, Mongolia by @indralina

“The mighty Kenai river” by @bearlyalyssa, Alsaka

(I am obviously also on Instagram @veekaybee)