Friday Links

“What is this?  A school for ANTS?”


little BANGALORE from 1st December Studios on Vimeo.



  1. Once Upon a time in Karachi
  2. What does it feel like to work on an oil rig?
  3. Condescending corporate brand page likes you
  4. “I started decorating the bathroom in 2000 when I moved in to this house. The tins of paint are still on display 12 years later and the work awaits completion.” Stories of procrastination.
  5. More on designing book jackets
  6. The history of dubstep
  7. The little things I’ll miss about Israel (almost made me cry)
  8. My bestie Regina
  9. Does money make writers bettter?
  10. My new favorite site.  Just has essays. Tons of essays.
  11. Dat Russia.  “For example, almost two years ago, the roof almost crashed on the people.”