Things my husband will not let my buy on Etsy

Our house is slowly coming together: 

but the only problem is that we still have a lot of white space on the walls, so we are constantly searching for stuff to put up there.

And by we, I mean me, since Mr. B has the gift for visual design that all men have inherited:


The only problem is, as you have probably surmised by now, gentle reader, I am weird, and I like weird things, and Mr. B wants to keep it normal.

So he vetoes everything I want on Etsy.  Things he has vetoed in the recent past or will veto as soon as he sees them include:

Photo of unhappy Belorussian couple getting married.

Large Kraken Wall Decal-which is -ON SALE-, people.


“We’re not Scottish. Stop it.”

Too abstract. There should be a picture of Inigo and Wesley dueling.”

 “Absolutely not.”

“You have serious issues you should probably address with the help of a medical professional.”

 “You’ll give people the wrong impression. This house is strictly cognac-oriented.”

“Stop showing me stuff.  I’m going upstairs.”

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I was being stylistically repressed, and I was not happy to express myself in my own house, visitors and Mr. B be damned.

After one too many mimosas during a Saturday brunch, I made an impulse buy.

And now Count Orloff will be mine in a mere two weeks.  

 Men just don’t understand.




10 thoughts on “Things my husband will not let my buy on Etsy

  1. Ok, admittedly I agree with D’s veto on most things, but that Kraken wall decal and Russian bear poster are both awesome and you need to get that regardless.

    The Kraken wall decal will work best in your bathroom.

  2. ALL OF THIS. Especially the Kraken.

    I think it’s time for you to break to Mr. B. the tragic news his mother shared with you about his being born without a sense of aesthetics. It’s rare, only happens to 1 in every 2.3 million babies, and very sad. This is why he can’t appreciate your choices. Of course she’ll deny it if he questions her, since you were told to keep it in strict confidence, and he’ll be betraying your trust if he ever tries to bring it up with her. Or even Google it.

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