Working Lion and Stay-At-Home Lion

Mr. Lion had just gotten home from killing a hyena that was threatening the pride’s territory when Ms. Lion met him at the door to the cave where they slept.

Mr. Lion lay down to sleep and kept an eye out on the cubs while Ms. Lion went to hunt, because hunting was her job.

“I feel so fulfilled, being able to both work AND stay at home with the kids,” Ms. Lion said to Mr. Lion as she was leaving the cave.

“I’m so glad we have the opportunity to discuss these things,” Mr. Lion said as he bit her playfully on the scruff of her neck on her way out.  “And I’m glad that we can divide our time in a way that is both equal and leaves you happy with your career advancement.”

And then they didn’t discuss it any more because lions don’t have fingers and can’t write to the Atlantic.