Friday Links

  1. The culture of Wall Street is pervasive and contagious. While there are Wall Street employees who are able to ignore it, or block it out, I was not one of them. I drank the Kool Aid. I’m out of it now. But I’d like to tell you what it was like. “
  2. Name a style of music you dislike and it’s up to fans of said style to find artists that could change your opinion.
  3. Driving school teacher (and a really cool cause, Razistan)
  4. I promise this is the only Scotland-related link. And it’s not even that Scottish.
  5. “If money doesn’t make you happy, you probably aren’t spending it right.”
  6. Moving on
  7. PhD Movie: Well Worth the $10. (especially if you love the comic)
  8. How to really survive the world