What I’m “reading”

Time to play that game, “What’s on Vicki’s mind, by seeing what’s on Vicki’s Kindle!”

Big surprise, it’s writing.

I’ve been reading MFA in a Box, which is better than the other alternative in a box.  I’ve also been checking out other travel e-books to better understand the market.  I’ve been reading The Fox, which is really good, about those Good Ol’ Celtic times in Scotland, to get a different perspective.  Finally, when I am tired of all that ish, I read my chick lit.  Amazon has a surprisingly good collection of free chick lit, most of which have to do about how chicks struggle to raise babies and hook a Sexy Dad in the process.   Because that’s what women love!

Try to cross-market to me now, Amazon and Facebook!

“Uh, let’s see.  This chick is really serious about writing, but also into pagan Northern Europe?  But also travel writing about Japan and Pakistan? But also really interested in how Single Moms Make it Work? AND she’s reading about spells?  Hey Norm, do you have that phone number for the CIA Homeland unit on hand?”