Short Conversations with Mr. B about Lermontov



Me: *conducting book research*

Me: Jesus. Lermontov was only 26 when he died? Jesus.  What a moron.

Mr. B: ?

Me: Well he died by duel, right?  Who does that to themselves?

Mr. B: You can’t equate yesterday’s standards with today.

Me: Yes you can.  It’s like *reaching for an analogy* huffing paint.

Mr. B: Yes, it’s exactly like that. I’m sure Lermontov today would be like, “Yeah, I think I’ll huff some paint and kill myself.”

Me: So you’re saying that you would never defend my honor by duel?

Mr. B: What?

Me: If we lived back in the day and someone insulted me, you wouldn’t duel them?

Mr. B: Well it depends. What are we talking about here?  Like if someone steps on your toe? Or, like, physically assaults you?

Me: It doesn’t matter. Honor’s honor.

Mr. B: It kind of does if I’m risking my life.

Me: You wouldn’t do well in the 17th century.

Mr. B: Actually I think I would because I wouldn’t be  dueling all the time.