Short Conversations with Mr. B about Lermontov



Me: *conducting book research*
Me: Jesus. Lermontov was only 26 when he died? Jesus.  What a moron.
Mr. B: ?
Me: Well he died by duel, right?  Who does that to themselves?
Mr. B: You can’t equate yesterday’s standards with today.
Me: Yes you can.  It’s like *reaching for an analogy* huffing paint.
Mr. B: Yes, it’s exactly like that. I’m sure Lermontov today would be like, “Yeah, I think I’ll huff some paint and kill myself.”
Me: So you’re saying that you would never defend my honor by duel?
Mr. B: What?
Me: If we lived back in the day and someone insulted me, you wouldn’t duel them?
Mr. B: Well it depends. What are we talking about here?  Like if someone steps on your toe? Or, like, physically assaults you?
Me: It doesn’t matter. Honor’s honor.
Mr. B: It kind of does if I’m risking my life.
Me: You wouldn’t do well in the 17th century.
Mr. B: Actually I think I would because I wouldn’t be  dueling all the time.




13 thoughts on “Short Conversations with Mr. B about Lermontov

  1. I had a very similar conversation with my boyfriend about dueling. Except for, he firmly believes that dueling should be brought back.

  2. lermontov and puhkin were both hotheads. duels were looked upon askance even in the time, and were not approved of. remember in war and peace, pierre fought dolohov, and everyone told him to stop being an idiot?

  3. Vicki, don’t 21st century feminists do their own duelling? I know carrying concealed weapon is a crime in many civilised cities and countries, but nobody has yet objected to wit – easily used to cut the other side down to, er, pieces.

    1. I actually have wanted to learn how to physically fence for a really long time (I’ll have to make do with verbal sparring for now)

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