Friday Links

Two things:  First, I am complaining, as usual, about the state of Russian marriage and cooking at the Forward.

Second, I went to see Idan Raichel yesterday and now cannot get this song out of my head, but more on that next week:



  1. “Also like Simenon, Churchill wasn’t averse to the odd tipple, and according to some, that Sunday afternoon in Cairo followed a particularly liquid lunch. As a consequence, the then colonial secretary’s penmanship proved a bit unsteady, allegedly producing a particularly erratic borderline. The result is still visible on today’s maps: the curious zigzag of the border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.”
  2. FREE BOOOKS (on kindle)
  3. This is kind of old, but it’s Paul Theroux
  4. Charles Dickens’s fake books
  5. Gogol, Chekhov, and Dostoyevsky on the post-Soviet world