5 thoughts on “Still here. Physically. Just not mentally.

  1. OMG, my friend just sent this to me on Facebook, and I thought of how much you’d appreciate it. 
    It’s hilarious, all in Russian.  I KNOW you will love it.
    :) :)

    • Yess I sent that around to everyone last night.  They made a couple of grammatical slip-ups that I kind of cringed at but really enjoyable and very well done.  Why not a Russian moms one next?  I get that people are really tired of this meme, but it’s just beginning for me 

  2. I’m a book worm and am so glad to see all these pictures. I’m sure you love books as much as I do.
    What book have  you read recently?

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Just finished 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith, now working on a bunch of books that you can see in my sidebar.  Also read a Kindle Single, Baghdad Country Club.  Great stuff :)

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