Friday Links

Mr. B and I have been watching pieces of this Kevin Bridges special every night.  So far our favorite part is the Glasgow advertising campaign (Mental Davy.) I found it while doing research for a relevant post next week.



  1. The rise of the ladyblogs
  2. Pinterest is not a virtual pinboard: how the company will make money off you
  3. The search for the world’s most badass language learners
  4. A short history of book blurbs
  5. Henry Miller’s 11 writing commandments





4 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. The only problem I see with Pinterest data mining is that they may not correctly interpret what someone likes about a particular object. Some of the pin boards I’ve seen have things that are connected only in the mind of the user – in one, it’s content; in another, it’s style; in yet a third, it’s an oblique reference to something else they’ve pinned. Sort of like using Pandora, where they assume what you like is the music style and ignore differences in subject entirely. Other than that, fun analysis project.
    Also – ladyblogs? Seems like pretty much the same sort of dreck that gets women to buy magazines, which I’ve never understood.

    1. That’s true about Pinterest, but most pin boards are easy to discern. Especially since they have products that cost money that you can add to your boards now. 


  2. 11 commandments?  That’s almost as many wives as he had.  Obviously one of the commandments wasn’t about fidelity.  

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