Why do Russians love Ferrero Rocher?


If you’ve ever been to a Russian house, you know what I’m talking about.  The tea set comes out, the fruits and nuts come out, and out comes the Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Rocher is the currency of Russian households.  We received at least three Ferrero Rocher gift boxes this holiday season, and gave out at least two. What is it about this candy that makes it the Mercedes of the Russian community? Is it because it’s just expensive enough ($9.99 per box) to say, “I care and here’s something for your house so we don’t come empty-handed”, but not big enough of a commitment as wine? Is it because we love Italians?

I mean, for me, personally, it’s because it has Nutella in it (which I actually didn’t know until recently), and also because it reminds me of every Russian dinner gathering I’ve ever had to sit through in my childhood.

But back in the day, in the salad days of immigration, you only bought Ferrero Rocher for other people if you were a baller. So maybe the brand recognition has stuck.




14 thoughts on “Why do Russians love Ferrero Rocher?

  1. I found out I’m allergic to cocoa about a year and a half ago, but people still give me Ferrero Rocher all the time! We just regift, usually.

  2. oh my god. BULGARIANS do TOO!!!
    i find it hilarious because people think it’s kind of… you know… FANCY.
    i don’t mind because i love chocolate in any shape or form. 

  3. I always have a box in my house for myself, but my parents have quite a huge stash at home. Mom always pulls out a giant box, if she has to go places or if people are stopping over… It’s prob making russians feel fancy and rich, just like gold chains and fur coats

  4. I think too it relates to the “status symbol” thing. Although, yeah, it´s an expensive chocolate candy, not a private jet. But still!
    What I didn´t know is that they have Nutella inside. It makes sense, since they´re both from the same brand, but at the same time it kind of takes away that aura of nobility. I guess it´s the turn for candies to find out that their blood is not blue either. They too share a cheap Nutella heart.

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