Why don’t women buy men jewelry? Or, more importantly, why I hate Christmas jewelry ads.

After seeing this commercial:


“Why don’t they ever show women buying men jewelry and having the jewelry face?”

“Are you serious?”


“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard?”

“But why? If more ads showed women buying men jewelry, it would become more acceptable? What if I bought you jewelry?”

*crazy stare* “No.”

“What if I bought you a man ring?”

“Still no.  I don’t even like to wear my wedding ring.”

“What about a necklace?  Like a chain?”

“Like  the Russian mafia?”

“Point taken.”

Sorry, Zales.  You’re not getting our sales this year, for Mr. B.  Also, myself.  Probably due to the fact that I have, no joke, lost 75% of the jewelry that I’ve been gifted, including my own wedding ring.  For my 14th birthday, my dad got me a necklace and I cried and asked him to buy me a good hardcover atlas of the world instead.  I still use that atlas.  Commercial me that, bling industry.