Where is the line between Laziness and Sloth? Because I think I’ve crossed it with two words: online groceries.

What is Peapod? A service where you can order groceries online without leaving the house. You’ll be happy to know that, since I have a coupon for the first delivery, it is not costing me any more than an actual trip to the grocery store.  Actually, it’s costing me about $20 less than my usual grocery trip, because for some reason, when you’re not impulse-browsing the store, you tend to order much less.

But that’s not the point.  The point is, SOME people ARE KILLING DINOSAURS WITH THEIR BARE HANDS. Ok, that’s only a TV show, but still.  SOME PEOPLE ARE CLIMBING STAIRS WITH THEIR HEADS. SOME PEOPLE ARE LIAM NEESON. And then there’s me.  So felled by exhaustion that I can’t make the perilous journey to the grocery store. Or maybe it’s because I like ordering stuff online.

There is an upside, however. Since this grocery store delivers on a fixed schedule and we ordered on Sunday night, all the Monday slots were taken, meaning that we had to wait until Tuesday morning for our food.  Since we are down to one box of pasta in the house, we are living creatively and surviving on what we have, which, I’d like to believe, will make me the next Bear Grylls.