Things I hate about Europe

We are currently on vacation in The UK (or in queue, as they say here) and will be back soon. I am sure you will be subject to at least two weeks of blog posts about it, but in the meantime, a list!

-European bathrooms

-European socialism

-the fact that everyone has normal chip-based credit cards here and I look like a moron with my American dinosaur

-the metric system

-24 hour time


-the fact that Monday is the first day of the week here

– day day/ month month/year year year year

( the last four are the reason for the American revolution by the way)

-castles are even colder than my parents house

-Asian tourists. Everywhere. Taking pictures in every possible combination. Taking pictures in Sacred Churches, on top of coffins, in reliquaries, with relics, with famous dead white men. With the FLASH on. I am only slightly exaggerating.

-I can never go to the bathroom here because It is ridiculous asking where the “toilet” is. If the bathroom is the toilet, then what is the actual toilet here????

-After a week of various British accents, I am ashamed of my ugly American accent and have resorted to sign language in cafes.

– when you are done eating, they don’t bring the check ( or chequeueue) right away, but wait until you are as anxious as you can possibly be, then ask you with surprise if you want the bill

– Dominique Strauss-Khan