People who shop at Whole Foods: you’re communists. Technically speaking.

I know today is Friday Links, but, guys this is more important.

Why do upper-middle-class yupsters want to be Soviet?

I reported on this trend earlier, but I see it is now getting out of control. Because of this:

No, not “Natural Home and Garden.” Or Organic Energy Shot.   If people honestly buy that shit, I’m defecting to Korea.  South.

No, what this snapshot taken by a completely random person who just happened to be at Whole Foods over lunch and buys her lunch there because, whaaaaat, the sandwiches are cheaper than in other places and they have fruit cups for lazy jerks who are too lazy to cut up and pre-package their own berries, says, is that White People now LOVE European-style fruit juice packaging.

Which packaging, you ask?  Remember Hortex? That kind of packaging.

Where is this trend coming from?  Also, what kind of moron not only takes a picture of the juice, but buys it?

The kind of moron who wants to provide you with up-to-the-minute coverage of the Decline of America.  But you see, this moron has an excuse, because she brought the juice because it makes her nostalgic for Russian juices. Yes.

My God.  We (everyone except for me) really are slowly slouching towards Eastern Europe.  If you add one more carless bicycle rider to the East Coast, it will accidentally break off the North American continent and collide into Hungary. And I’m trying to prevent that.  Because no one really wants to live in Hungary.  NO ONE WANTS THIS FOR US. (semi-nsfw)