Friday Links

One of the cool things with working with a very international mix of coworkers is that I now have my finger not only on all the English viral videos and sometimes Russian and Hebrew viral videos, but I’M NOW UP ALL IN THE TAMINGLISH MARKET AS WELL.

 P.S.  Here’s an English one.   MY CHILDHOOD <3

Boy, do I have a lot of links for you guys this week.

  1. Read this article and apply yesterday’s bingo card to it!
  2. Ashton Kutcher is asking you anonymously for coffee
  3. Sounds that have disappeared over the past x years unless you lived in the Soviet Union and, actually, in Russia, you used a rotary phone as recently as 5 years ago
  4. What’s in your computer bag?  Every piece of technology equipment ever if you’re a nerd, apparently. I love learning what’s in people’s bags!
  5. Louis CK on female culture
  6. Buying Bollywood DVDs is hard
  7. A fairly interesting piece about Athens
  8. Podcast about someone with a very, very Jewish name. Also talented.  The songs are very pretty.
  9. The best literary fiction blogs
  10. How companies really hire.  Not just elite ones.
  11. Not a big fan of this piece, but very cool magazine
  12. The smell of old Soviet books. 
  13. A camera in the hands of a kid.