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“What does popravilas mean?” Bad things, little girl.


I know I’m doing something right when one of the search terms that leads people to my blog is “What does popravilas mean in Russian?”  Well, Googler, I’m assuming you’re American and your mother-in-law said this to you.  It means you’ve gained weight.  But it literally kind of means you’ve straightened out.  Sideways.

I know.  Russian women are the worst.

I would never say that anyone popravilas.  Except Oprah.


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  1. “Ne poshudela” is almost as bad. That is me : I  “ne poshudela” for about an year now….


  2. After I got back from 2 weeks in Israel this summer, my MIL made sure to note that “ty popravilas’” … not once, but twice! And she’s a woman of considerable girth, who really has zero right to comment on me being thin or fat or anything at all. Her sister, also a heavyset woman, used to tell me things like “we never thought you’d get this slender.” In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about this woman a while ago.


  3. WAIT A MINUTE! I thought “popravilas” means that you improved– got better.  And gained weight.  Because you’re no longer starving. 
    “Straightened out” is viprovilas, no?


  4. Poprvilas means both : gained weight and get well. Most of the time when somebody says to you this in affirmative form it means you gained weight. When it is in interrogative form then it means :Did you get well / better ?


  5. Also, the only good time to say someone ‘popravilas’” is at the doctors office, when that someone also is “v polozhenii”


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