Friday Non-Links

Instead of Friday Links, here’s why I’ve been gone all week.

Monday: Trick-or-treaters come. First time at our house! Thank God, because I bought some bulk amount of candy on Amazon since I’m too lazy to go to the store and I’ve been kind of eating it for the past three weeks. You’re welcome. But you know what? American kids are rude.  They never say thank you for candy.  I swear all those kids need is 10 days in Russia. 3 if it’s Siberia.  Also, spin class in the middle.  Spin class is terrifying.
Tuesday: It Shoulda Been You with Mr. B’s mom in New Brunswick.  The play itself was pretty good and the actors were very talented and it was directed by Dr. Niles Crane,  but also 1.5 hours away from my house, which made me want to stab myself.

Wednesday: Web Analytics Conference during the day for work because my job is awesome and encourages me to go to nerd things, Anthony Bourdain at night. So good. I mean, kind of staged and calculated, but still, really good.  Also squeezed in some chutney!

Thursday: Ah, blessed Thursday.  Not having anything to do.  Except. Oh right. The house is dirty.

Friday:  Hopefully more of nothing. With the gym mixed in.

Saturday:  I’ll be at WordCamp Philly!  Will I see you there?

Bonus Video: This is what happens to you in your next life if you embezzle or launder money.