Friday Links

Here they are:

  1. There is nothing about this story that is not awesome.  Here’s a sample:  “The most serious candidates invariably hired tutors and worked more or less round the clock for months. The historian Alex Craik notes that C.T. Simpson, who ranked as Second Wrangler in 1841, topped off his efforts by studying for 20 hours a day in the week before the exams and “almost broke down from over-exertion… [he] found himself actually obliged to carry a supply of ether and other stimulants into the examinations in case of accidents.”
  2.  This is what it looks like when your teeth are growing in. Don’t you want to touch it?? I dooo.
  3. It’s not easy being single…in an art museum
  4. Mazal tov! Bittersweet…kids of immigrants will never understand being immigrants.
  5. Anyone read the new Murakami yet?  I can’t bring myself to.
  6. Dearborn, Michigan.  A more vile hotbed of delicious baklava I have never seen.
  7. Speaking of baklava, don’t read this if you hate French desserts and the joy of life in general.






4 thoughts on “Friday Links

    1. So I actually tried a macaron the other week and I totally don’t get the big deal.  Do people like them? Maybe it was just a bad one?

      1. I enjoy them because they’re almond-y bits of yumminess. Also, I like the challenge of making them — it’s super hard! You have to do it over and over and over again before you get the perfect circle. They make macaron forms, but those are for wimps

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