House update: the walls

We haven’t done much with the house over the past month, but I’m looking to get back into it before the winter strikes.

So, we’ve finally started hanging pictures in the house. Before, we just could not agree on anything. Then,  a couple weeks ago, we went to an arts festival that had some very cool original photography.

It’s not all that exciting because the art is so small and the walls are so naked, but it’s a start.

Here’s the kitchen en progresse: (complete with iPad and fake flowers)

And here’s a closeup: (clicky for even bigger)

And here’s the wall near the door.  It’s my favorite photograph because it’s a pony in Mongolia tied to a gas station.

And here’s the closeup:

We also now have both a clock and a hamsa at the entryway:

And once I get a frame for this one, of Ellis Island in 1904, it will go there, too:

I also love this one in our office/library:

And we finally got some shelves for the space! (that’s one of three we filled up, and we’re going to have to go back for more)

What’s most interesting is this poster Mr. B purchased, which he hung crooked not on purpose, but now that he sees it’s bothering me psychologically, he claims it’s a form of torture, because “I don’t have to look at it, you do.”

Horrific. I hope these pictures shame him into reconsidering.  If they don’t, can you leave a comment about how anal-rentive people are driven mad by any picture at less than 90 degrees?

P.S. Here are our bookshelves.  Can you tell whose is whose?