Friday Links

Happy almost Halloween!

Edited to add, just for fun.

Links: (lots of long reads this time around)

  1. The only distinguishing natural feature was a pond in one corner of the site, surrounded by a birch copse littered with beer bottles, cigarette butts, potato-chip bags, and bonfire ashes left by local picnickers. A herd of cattle grazed nearby.  If all goes according to the Kremlin’s plan, by 2015 those cows will be replaced by 15,000 scientists and entrepreneurs. From these fields will rise a new “Silikonnovaya Dolina,” Russia’s version of Silicon Valley.
  2. “The message seems clear: Milner may have invested in virtually every social media powerhouse, from Facebook to Twitter to Spotify. He might be the vanguard of an entirely new financial philosophy. He might be the most controversial money guy in Silicon Valley—sought after, feared, and derided in more or less equal measure. But at heart he is just a nice Jewish boy.”
  3. Babel and his Odessa
  4. ““So, you want to travel to Zarafshan,” wrote a volunteer named Jon, on the website in 2005. “There is no real reason to ask why you want to come to Zarafshan. There can be no logical reason to do this. Therefore, any attempt to ask ‘why’ will only be futile.””
  5. Why isn’t Ed Hardy’s house as terrible as his clothes?
  6. At Tolstoy’s estate.
  7. How to figure out if you’re linking to something old
  8. Is personal blogging dead?
  9. If you are looking for something to ruin your weekend, this is IT. Ok, I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s Justin Bieber featuring BUSTA RHYMES in Little Drummer Boy.
  10. This is called “Raccoon BBQ leads cops to meth lab.