Friday Links

Mr. B and I are tentatively going to a haunted house tonight.  Because I don’t have enough fear in my life.

Here’s a cool video/song:


  1. This is a special collection of problems that were given to select applicants during oral entrance exams to the math department of Moscow State University. These problems were designed to prevent Jews and other undesirables from getting a passing grade.” Also, check out her blog.
  2. What happens when Google Maps takes a picture of a stabbing?
  3. Some dude tripped out and wrote a book about a rabbi and a yak
  4. Things to add to my list of why America is a failed society
  5. Steve, what have you done to our society?
  6. Vystosky po’Angliskii
  7. Penguin coozies
  8. Halloween
  9. Are you guys ready for season 2 of Downton Abbey????
  10. Tamil to Hebrew and back
  11. Haven’t read this piece yet about women not marrying, but I’m sure to be outraged by something in it, like the Atlantic would want me to be.  Stay tuned!