Friday Links

It’s been a really serious week.  Let’s get some fun up in here. And if you don’t consider 90s dance music fun, I don’t want to know you.

Also, if you are Russian, you are not allowed to not know this song.



  1. Have you signed up for the Soviet Samovar? You should.  If you like this blog, you’ll love the Soviet Samovar. Only there’s less about hypochondria, so you might be disappointed maybe.
  2. 1965 Ikea catalogue (you have to spell it with the gue if it’s before 1975)
  3. Shalom Auslander appologizes on God’s behalf
  4. Only personal essays
  5. More on Facebook making people anxious
  6. I also left DC a year ago. Waaaaah.
  7. The birthday quilt
  8. Haha! Society sucks!
  9. A vegetarian chili I hope to make when I stop being lazy
  10. The long run.
  11. And here here is Bella, who is friends with Tara. I bet Bella never makes catty remarks abou Tara’s weight.