What do you want to see in a President?

Something I think about a lot is what it takes to be a good manager, what kinds of things you should provide a manager so they can excel, and what it would take to be a good U.S. president.  I’m pretty good at managing and organizing groups of people, as Mr. B would grudgingly tell you, so the art of management and leadership is interesting to me on a non-buzzword bingo level.

Which is why I did not watch the Republican debate last night.

Everyone who has run for President of the U.S.  over the past, I’d say, 30 years, has been ridiculously underqualified.  Not that I’m a presidential historian, but it seems to me you do not need to be a lawyer to be president.  Or even a governor.  Here are the qualifications I think a president should have (note: I say he/his, but I mean any candidate.  I just hate that bullshit his/her thing you have to do to be pc these days.)

Now that I look at these, it’s no wonder that no one good has ever been elected. There’s no way a person could accumulate enough life experience to understand most of his constituents.
What would you want in a president?