Movies: The Guard

I am swamped this week. Swamped.  I just took an exam last night and my brain waved the white flag.  As a result, I’m not thinking about anything except this awesome movie Mr. B and I saw on Saturday, and you should too, if it’s playing near you.

This movie got me to thinking, what’s the real difference between Irish and Russians? And a la Stephanie, I made a Venn.






7 thoughts on “Movies: The Guard

  1. Bill is Irish, and he fit in great with us, despite the craziness…so there’s definitely something to this similarity. Oh, and I am with Stephanie…when it comes to drunken singing, Russians and Irish could form a band!
    Also, they have a vegetable stew that is very similar to our “schi”, and I heard they are fond of pickling things.  

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