If my exam were on YouTube, I’d pass with an A+++

I was supposed to be studying, but somehow watching YouTube is twice more enjoyable when you’re supposed to be doing something else. Also when you understand nothing from your class notes. You may recall from my previous YouTube adventures that I can waste quite a lot of time. (And of course, now that I included that link, I had to go back and watch all of those videos)

How did it happen?

Basically, I started by Googling up some Old Church Slavonic hymns, which are my study music.  This is my favorite one:

But instead of studying, I got distracted and inspired by the beautiful images of Russian Orthodoxy, which is my second favorite religion to fake-practice, so I casually meandered over to my computer to look for more.  But then, maybe they had some Old Church Slavonic being spoken videos. Why doesn’t anyone speak Old Church Slavonic anymore? Same reason no one speaks Latin?  Maybe we can have a revival?

So I found this:

which is amazing, but not Old Church Slavonic. I did some more digging, but only came up with this:

And I was like, Damn!  Which movie is that from?  Turns out it’s this one.  I watched this clip like 5 times:

This is the only natural follow-up:

Then, I had to stop.

The internet is ridiculous.

Ok, two more.  “Trololo guy”, aka Eduard Hill, a National Russian Artist.

And here is my favorite Hill song:

“The sunrise rose above the rooftop

A man walked out of his house

To examine life a little closer,

In the morning.

Does a person need much?

He has a gladness in his heart

He laughs at the snowfall,

The sun in the sky, and the wind.


Does a person need much?

He only needs his friend to be near

And Aa song for any occasion

He needs to be remembered at home

For the letters to keep flowing

And for, in these letters,

To be lines about love.

And so on.



I’m going to fail this class.