How We Learned American

I am so excited about this NY Times article about American kids learning Russian and going to a Russian school in Moscow.  Because it’s about time those hipsters get a taste of their own medicine. And by hipsters I mean American parents and teachers that teach their kids that each one is a special snowflake. More Americans need to learn how the rest of the world works.

Here’s a video where Mr. B and I recall our memories of learning English, and debate why the American school system is terrible, but mostly just talk about nothing. It’s like a real-life Seinfeld, only with horrible production quality. Guess what? They don’t teach iMovie in American schools, either.

The VeeLog: School n’ Stuff from Vicki on Vimeo.

I would LOVE if you included your memories of being integrated into the American school system and learning English in the comments.  Let’s swap horror stories.  Or how we completely mischaracterized American education.  Or talk about why you’re a Special Snowflake and don’t know 7 times 7.