How to Manage Your Time More Efficiently




11 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

  1. Haha!  I am cracking up on multiple levels right now.  I’m a big fan of making lists.  Checking things off lists makes me feel really good about myself, and seeing what I need to accomplish in a day helps me see where I need to cut back. 
    Also, not sleeping much, but that only works in the short term.    Also, outsourcing.  I’ve hired cleaning help in the past (you’d be AMAZED at how much mess my little family can generate), and it’s been well worth the money. 

  2. OK, not to be stalkerish or anything, but I’ve been reading/creeping your blog for about 2 years, and I think we are a) the same person b) destined to be best friends.  I don’t know why it took me so long to comment, but I’m not a blogger or anything, so I’m not really into this social media stuff.
    I’m a year younger, also in a demanding graduate/professional school program, and am a fellow Russian Jew. :) And our personalities are very similar (judging by this blog). 
    Basically, what I’m trying to say is, 1) I love your blog, 2) I think you are great/funny/intelligent and 3) If you’re ever in Toronto, let me know, and I will be your tour guide/fellow sushi-buddy/anything you like :)

    1. The more the merrier!! One of the reasons I started writing is because I knew, like, zero other Russian Jews and so wanted to relate my experiences.  What kind of program are you in?  You are always welcome to share and commiserate here…I think everyone is pretty friendly :) Also sushi-buddy sounds like a sweet deal.  I love it when lurkers come out to comment!

  3. Yaaaaaay.  I’m in my last year of law school (what a surprise). Can’t wait until it’s over!
    I think the reason you don’t know any other Russian Jews (or didn’t before you started the blog) is because of where you grew up.  Toronto has a huuuuuge Russian community (both Jewish and not), which I think is great for many purposes (being able to buy pre-made pelmeni, language retention, having hookups for various things). 
    I read some of the other blogs you mention here (She Suggests, Like the Vodka, Motherhood in NYC, Scary Azeri), and they’re all great, but I relate to you more than anyone in those blogs bceause of the personality similarities, age, etc.  And I like your comics :)
    I seriously feel like a giddy fan, LOL.

    1. That is so sweet :)  I am so excited to have made a connection.  I’ve actually now made a couple friends through the blog, and I joke it’s because I suck at talking to people but I’m good at writing, so happy to have you read.  By the way, now that I live in Philly I know way too many Russian Jews for my own good, but that makes for more blogging material 😉

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