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My mom sent me an email on Wednesday with, “Twenty years ago, we landed in New York. You were five!” and nothing else.  It made me very emotional at work. I pretended that my database was making me cry.

I thought back to when I was five, my dreams, goals and aspirations.  I wanted to be a novelist. I still want to be a novelist.   I loved ponies. Still do.  And I loved Sesame Street. Still do. Then I thought to the huge difference between then and now.  I wonder what five-year-old me would think of me.

Because Now Me is the sum of 20 years of my family’s hopes and dreams, and I hope I lived up to their expectations when they left everything behind.  Except I’m still not done living up to my own expectations. I’m not a published writer, and I still have never seen the Bay of Bengal, which is my dream.  But I’m working on it.


  1. Better than mommyblogs.
  2. Somehow the fact that my family came to America with $300 doesn’t make me feel sorry for this dude
  3. Dating in China
  4. Favorite Russian writers
  5. A book I am mildly interested in
  6. And here are some books you might be interested in
  7. New Atlantic site just about cities
  8. When your publisher sucks
  9. Hire for the ability to get shit done
  10. A Holly Golightly for the Stripper-Embezzlement age
  11. Living in the suburbs  and here’s some more
  12. Jobs
  13. Jew plates
  14. Fauna friends



6 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Couldn’t read past him talking about how the big bad world screws you over when his first point started with him forgetting that he’d spent money on gas. Happens to all of us, sure, but the bank didn’t put a gun to your head and make you forget you’d spent money. There are actual, real problems with “the system” but your own forgetfulness don’t qualify.

    Congrats and happy immigraversary!

    1. For anyone interested in what the hell this is about, basically earlier in the week, Bill sent me the following link:

      I was afraid to click on it.

      But then I did, and then I was afraid to wonder how Google had led Bill to the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia.

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