Friday Links

Here, this is for you. It’s probably rated R.  For Rodriguez.  Also pRofanity.

“Public radio, and das it.”

Can you stop listening to it?


  1. A site reselling groupons and, are we done with Groupon?
  2. Egypt’s Copts: Like Soviet Jews, only now with 100% more marginalization
  3. How Steve Jobs redefined business casual
  4. Why are beavers a nuisance? :(
  5. How long do marriages last?  As long as your spouse stops eating all of the yogurt you bought for yourself.
  6. Jews in Peru
  7. Haha the writer OWNNNEEED Tim Ferris in this article
  8. I’m not including a link about that JC Penney shirt because it’s too ridiculous
  9. Someone else is relocating back to Philly from DC
  10. A Lady in Oxford at a wedding
  11. Reading with the iPad